Brian Topp: Failed Candidate, Failure of a Columnist

I have a particular dislike of Brian Topp. I don't know what it is about him, but the man smacks of all the things about union leaders, columnists, and New Democrats that I dislike. He's arrogant, he's the purest example of partisan journalism out there, and he's more left-wing than any current political leader. And yes, he's a failure of a leadership contender, offering no positive vision for the NDP, running instead on fears of modernity and taxing the rich. The man is a wreck, to put it mildly, and this was before I read his latest article.

"Liberals across Canada are being hoist with their own petard," in which he disparages the idea of tactical voting as bad, then lauds the fact that the Liberals are being subject to it, using the recent example of the Alberta election as proof (in which he also says that a one-point rise for the NDP, when they were predicted to rise at least four-points, was somehow good). Then ends with this line:

"Conservatives and New Democrats at both the federal and provincial levels have an interesting opportunity to pay the Liberals back in more of their own coin in future elections. The challenge is to do so without being consumed by this tactic. To delve one yard below it, as Shakespeare put it so elegantly, without a fatal over-investment in it."
LOL. He disparages the tactic with gusto and glee, then says he thinks the Conservatives and NDP should partake in it to exact some revenge on the Liberals, for old time's sake, but you know, not too much because then we'll be just like them - bypassing the fact that asking for the votes of other parties supporters is, you know, standard-effing-fare for every party, including his own, who consistently asked for strategic votes of left-Liberals during the past elections! A strategy he likely piloted, by the way.

Really, Brian? This is what your career as a "key strategist" for the NDP has culminated in? Taking petty revenge on the Liberals because of past strategic voting!? And encouraging the Conservatives to take part in it?

What a hilariously small man Brian Topp has become.

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