And now the student protesters lose all sympathy

... because a few pricks decided to quite literally physically assault students at UQÀM, who wishes to continue on with the classes they paid for.

Honestly, when you feel the need to march a classroom, start calling students who have paid for their own classes "scabs," and then grab, shove, or otherwise get inside their personal space - and yes, that is assault - then you've already lost whatever cause you came to fight for. At this time, you're just a bunch of trolls.

And it's bad because the student protesters who march naked and do other inane but harmless things in the name of fighting against tuition increases are now essentially going to be thrown under the bus. I hope I'm wrong about that, but I get the feeling I'm not.

Whoever these idiots are, full power to the SPVM to hunt them down. I don't care what your politics is, there is no excuse for that.

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