Affiliate Marketers Must Have Determination

Just this morning, I was reflecting on how my affiliate marketing business has grown and all of the things that I had to overcome.

And then I thought about other affiliate marketers online before and after me, who have or will have the same obstacles to overcome.

That's the reason for this article.

The Good Things About Affiliate Marketing

There are many good things about this business. They pretty much out weigh the bad things.

You get financial independence, you get all the free time that you wish, and all this because, business wise at least, you have no boss to answer to.

You work when you want to and not when someone else wants you too.

You name your own hours, take breaks when you want. I could go on an on, but I think you get the general idea.

You check your website for opt-ins and sales, promote your product to your list and on line and search for other products to promote. It takes time to build your site content, your conversion process and other aspects of your business, but once you do it's just a matter of doing what need to maintain and promote your online business.

The Bad And The Ugly Things About Affiliate Marketing

I hope that you have heard of the old Clint Eastwood western, "The Good The Bad And The Ugly"

We've just covered the "good". Now we'll cover the bad and the ugly part!

To me, the bad and ugliest things about Affiliate marketing are:

(1)Dishonest mrechants! To me this is the worse thing about selling other people's products. If it were not for hard working affiliates, many of these merchants would make no money at all!

And yet some of them seem to have people working to either prevent or delay paying their affiliates.

I had the unpleasant experience of having to terminate the contracts of two fairly well know merchants because of money issues. And of course, you also have to protect yourself from some marketers online who steal your commissions.

(2)Hype artists- Actually, these people are liars. But in an attempt at being polite, we say that they just are guilty of " hype".

They promise you money almost overnight, and lots of it, if you purchase their product. They cause you to waste your time and your money as well.

(3)False information- This covers a lot of terrritory and so I'll have to brief. The bottom line is this: Whenever you receive any information online, always consider the source. To put it bluntly, there are many people online giving out internet marketing information and don't know what they are talking about.

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