Psychic Predictions for 2012

2012 brings the end of a lot of things...

People don't cooperate to keep things afloat that should sink on their own lack of sustainability.

Psychic Predictions for 2012
New and brighter paradigms come into the atmosphere and seed peoples' thoughts, while tradition is on the wane. (This emanates from the end of the year, inspired by the December 2012 winter solstice sun that pollinates us afresh as it passes through the center of our galaxy.)

2012 has a challenging, shortsighted feel to it, in which people and the factions they belong to are more likely to defend their point of view than cooperate. Nobody gives up nothing. A healthy reaction is take better care of ourselves and create some pleasant space inner space to retire to.

It's a blunt year that shows everyone what's what, and that we must learn to flow with change. Tremendous determination can flood us with the energy we need. Lotsa winners out there!

Changes in taken-for-granted support systems can cause big upsets. Natural catastrophes can also explode our worlds.

Religious fervor and self-righteousness is burning bright in 2012, but soon enough the spell of fear-generating organized religions will weaken. Dying out is the long-held religious/political tradition of controlling the masses through fear, and weakening people by instilling guilt, shame, and division. We're outgrowing an allegiance to concepts like Original Sin.
An example of this trend towards a more loving collective consciousness is the growing awareness and intolerance for bullying in the U.S.. It used to go on unchecked but now there are educational programs and other steps in place to prevent bullying in schools. In these unstable times when the weird are getting really weird, all kinds of abuse is happening, but peoples' collective response to bullying points out our positive direction.

Innovative upgrades to society can proceed once the dust of 2012 settles. Innovation is alive and well now (entrepreneurs are turning poop into plastic, or landfills into energy producers), but it's more 2013 for their turn onstage. An important pact between countries is in the works. Women's issues don't make much progress.

The Speaking Stones: Unexpected developments hasten the change that leaves the old guard out on a limb and makes a way for more nurturing, inclusive and sustainable values. Unexpected events can change the course of history, especially changes to what has been a foundation.

And finally, here's a poem that talks about the year, and how the growth of love within each of us leads to our greater external success. 2012 teaches us to surf the waves of change.

Wild and Wonderful 2012 (published Dec. 9, 2011)

The times are coming on,
Exhilarating the air with streaks of luck,
Looming potholes,
And open portals;
Descents so dizzying they make us laugh--what else can you do?
--and a chance to start over.
The year is beneficent, it is generous, it makes things perfectly clear.
Two rights won't make a wrong: let your inner love
make the outer love come on strong.

Personal Guidance for Success in 2012

Simple: That's the word to live by in 2012. Get the idea across as simply as possible. Whatever it is, do it the simple way. The best workable solution to anything simplifies things.

Is it sustainable?: We evaluate our agreements, routines and lifestyle choices. Individuals and countries alike will see what can continue in their lives, and what can't.

Peace pays: Numerologically, 2012 is ruled by Mars, god of war. People are a little quicker to anger and get into fights. The pragmatic approach is to not take things personally or get huffy about anything. At home and in the office, "Let it slide, let it slide, let it slide!'
Be willing to cut your losses in the name of peace, if hanging on to something creates too much heaviness. Keep on going and flowing through the fast-changing scenarios of life in 2012. Whether it's a good or a bad cycle, "this too shall pass."

SCAM ALERT: Clever, ruthless people get very savvy about how to scam the public this year, beware! This is no time to trust people without good reason.

CITIZEN ALERT: What's in our food and water? Lax oversight will allow chemicals and pollutants that harm mental functioning.
Relationships: Everyone has growing pains this year as we adjust to a changing world. Success comes to those flexible people who form support systems that accommodate their unique needs.

2012 Success Story Sound Bites: Be nice. Work hard. Don't sit too long at the computer (or the sofa).

Psychic Guidance for the Fire, Water, Air, and Earth Signs

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Your head and your heart come together more. Escape calamities: do not stick with situations that make you nervous, but respond to your unease and get in safer territory. You make it in a more powerful way, whatever role you play in the world.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): You're concerned about your happiness and reach out, feeling your way towards better circumstances. Most important is that you situate yourself in a place you want to be. You'll be happier even if you're struggling, in a place you feel you belong.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): The first half feels like there's too much on your plate--a lot to get done...various missions to accomplish. The second half, you have earned a clarity about where you truly belong --and everything else is much more in place.

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Some plans/habits/relationships expose weak links in your chain, a step necessary for true growth. Difficulties of any sort tend to make you grow emotionally and spiritually. Willingness to adapt and learn new ways sees you through.

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