6 Days To The Election!

I can't believe how quickly this countdown is moving. We are merely 6 days from the opportunity of a lifetime, to vote Barack Obama out of office. I hope that Americans have gotten to know Mitt Romney enough to know that he really is the man for the job.  We need dignity back in the White House.  We need an adult who knows how to say no sometimes, who knows how to make the tough calls.  

We also need a President who loves this country with his whole heart and who knows that we are truly special.  The American experiment, with freedom and individual choice/responsibility at its core, has been wildly successful  though our values are eroding and along with them, our original limited-government, free-market structure.  We need someone who understands that the United States is not just one of several nations, but a special nation with a special purpose at a special time.  Leadership is who is we are, it is part of our DNA.  We have something to offer that the world needs - an understanding of where our rights come from and a belief in the freedom of the individual.  Romney gets this and Obama doesn't.  This leading-from-behind, apologizing-to-the-world posture that Obama has taken weakens us.  If we don't even have the guts to show the world what valuing freedom really means, then who will?  I was in China this summer and I met students there who say we value small-government too much, that we need more government (the visible hand) to ensure stability.  It was like talking to Paul Krugman, and President Obama.  Our country has had enough of the visible hand.  

6 more days, and we can finally turn the tide.

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