Justice Scalia Is Right

Justice Scalia has been peddling his most recent book over the past few months off and on with various interviews and speeches where he explains in a way that only he can his view of "interpreting" the Constitution, which is to not interpret it, but to simply read it.  His book, Reading the Law, The Interpretation of Legals Texts, is a product of his desire to explain to as many people as will listen what originalism is all about.  And, he is right.

Justice Scalia has a favorite comment that he likes to make:  A judge who believes in the living Constitution is a happy fellow because he goes home and tells his wife, “The Constitution means exactly what I thought I wanted it to be.” 

The following is from coverage of a recent speech at U of Wyoming Law School:

Indeed.  And, though it doesn't come up much in presidential politics (though it should), this is the view that we need on the Supreme Court.  This is yet another reason why electing Romney is so important.  We need Justices on the Court that don't attempt to read their own interpretation into their decisions.  We need more originalists like Justice Scalia.

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