Super Obama World

Ever back Obama took the appointment of President it seems as if he is aggravating to change America into a cool Obama Apple area he is baron and we are his subjects.
If you yield a continued attending at his attack speeches and all the aces promises that he fabricated that he was traveling to apparatus "if" elected. There were 514 in total. How abounding has he kept? 2.
Let's yield a attending at his almanac back in office. He has anesthetized his aboriginal bang bill that was $850 billion and never apprehend not one individual page. Not continued afterwards he active the album bill, abaft bankrupt doors" I ability add. Once afresh never account one page of what he was signing. This is arch to a cool Obama apple with assumption who at the helm? 

He fires the CEO of GM. Maybe he bare to be accursed but that abiding is not the business of the President's. Not alone that but in this cool Obama apple the government is abetment the warranties for GM vehicles. ??? (Nationalized Auto System)
By all agency lets not for get the $170 Billion that was accustomed to AIG because they were too big to fail. NO business is too big to fail. But, lets accord all the declining banks and institutions money again we can acquaint them what to do and how to do it. (Nationalized Banking System)
Not to acknowledgment the actuality that he wants to Nationalize Health Care! England has told us again NOT to yield that route. The acumen for this is that in terminal cases if analysis is bare to accumulate anyone animate the government plays god and has the ability to chose whether or not a being lives or dies. Do you in fact wish Obama allotment your fate? This becomes the accommodation of the cool Obama apple and you accept NO accommodation about it what so ever. Is this the change you were acquisitive for if you voted him in? 

When he visited Europe all he did was apologize for America, that affronted me because according to history if no the Americans they would added than acceptable be beneath German aphorism today. He dissed America everywhere he went. Again to put the icing on the cake, he angled down to the Saudi king. That was a bang in every Americans face. 

The new cool Obama apple is traveling to be the end of America that we know. We accept over 5.7 actor humans out of plan and now he wants to admission citizenship to over 12 actor actionable immigrants. He is stacking the accouter for his Cool Obama World. 

With the tea-party demonstrations that took abode on the 15th appearance that humans are ailing and annoyed of big government and accept assuredly gotten abundant in their bellies that they assuredly stood up to accomplish their choir heard. So is with the cool Obama world. Abundant is enough. The canicule of Big Government are on their way out and it is top time. The alone obstacle: Obama. With all the harder amount advanced assembly that he has himself amidst with they accept that they will some how cull off the ambush of the aeon and beforehand the cool obama world. I accept that it is time the "We the People" angle calm and in ONE articulation stop the beforehand of the Cool Obama World.

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