Support Romney And End Obama's Bad Policies

Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching the final lap of the arduous race. Obama vs Romney. Obama has had 4 years to show you what he will do as president: override the will of the people of the US and pass the unilaterally supported Obamacare with no conservative support, override the Constitution by bypassing Congress and enacting executive orders, raise taxes and insurance premiums, deceive the American people about the killings in Libya and worse, not act in defending Americans in harms way. He calls his opponent a "bullshitter" and allows campaign ads to depict women voting for him as losing your virginity - all incredibly inappropriate and devaluing of others. What a degradation to women! He's had 4 years to create more jobs. The last 2 years he's been campaigning, he's had the opportunity to roll out revised jobs plan or any plan for his next 4 years. He just released a plan, after it could be challenged openly in the debates, during the concern of a hurricane hitting the east coast so it gets no attention, and filled with pictures of Obama. He knows he does not have a valid plan so he releases it too close to the election so it doesn't get scrutinized. He is not the person we need as president. The president of the United States should represent the best of the United States. Obama has failed the United States.

Mitt Romney has a plan to get Americans working. He has experience balancing the budget, both in government and the private sector. His financial genius turned around the 2002 Olympics at what had been a bleak time for the games. We are in difficult circumstances. Americans can't get the jobs they need because of the current regime's policies. Let's vote Romney/Ryan. If you support Romney, make sure your vote Romney. Show your support by getting to the polls - that's how you have your voice heard. America won't make progress unless you cast your vote.

Vote Mitt!!

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