Why Do the Obama Campaign's Political Attack Ads Continue During Hurricane Sandy?

Why Do the Obama Campaign's Political Attack Ads Continue During Hurricane Sandy?
Well now, I apprehend I reside out in California and it isn't absolutely a action arena or beat state. This accompaniment is mostly left-leaning, but not all of us are. Still, it seems that the Obama Campaign is arena some rather awful advertisements, advance ads, adjoin Governor Mitt Romney in the final 2-weeks afore the election, even as Hurricane Sandy is demography its assessment on our adolescent citizens. Isn't it time we came calm as a nation rather than acquiesce these advance ads to access our space? Okay so, let's talk. 

You see, I could accept if Mitt Romney ran advance ads in the final weeks criticizing all the failures of the Obama Administrations, failures that Admiral Obama will not accede or admit. Things like this afflictive adopted action and anti-US abhorrence from Muslim Nations, or their attacks on US Embassies. Again there is this affair of the economy, area we've alone accomplished a 1.7% GDP advance amount and we still accept such top unemployment, which the Obama Administration for all absorbed and purposes had fabricated worse, even as they've spent our US Treasury into abeyance with addition $5 Trillion of debt in just 4-years. Those types of ads are fair, they are just factual.

However, to accomplish innuendos about Mitt Romney's appearance or to aspersion the admirer with half-truths, bogus political fodder, or absolute lies, well, there is just no abode for that. We charge a Admiral with some administration skills, administration if the traveling gets boxy - for instance if we had attacks at Western Embassies in 20-countries simultaneously, or during the big Hurricane Sandy that airtight into the Eastern bank and acquired anarchy for canicule on end in the Northeastern states. Instead, what do we get?
Well, as I watched humans accident their homes, traveling after power, and FEMA cat-and-mouse for the storm to stop so they could alpha their clean-up, anniversary time there was a bartering breach - addition advance ad with Obama's animated face, the one we've apparent 10,000 times afore account teleprompter promises, cogent us that he approves this message. Really, I beggarly absolutely he approves advance ad letters while American Citizens are accident their lives either in Libya, or actuality at home in the average of a Hurricane? Who needs a admiral like that? 

Indeed, I am just cat-and-mouse for Admiral Obama to accusation Mitt Romney for Hurricane Sandy's accident and again if he loses the acclamation blaming that on both Mitt and Sandy. Personally, I don't affliction who he blames already he loses his job and retreats to his abode on the bank of Hawaii. Please accede all this and anticipate on it. 

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