I am at the edge of my seat as I am sure you are.  Mitt Romney has given it the best shot I think anyone could have.  He has proven to be a very strong candidate.  And, America has gotten to know him as a thoughtful, caring, intelligent individual who has a clearly different vision for this country than the disaster that is in our future if Obama remains president.

I am concerned as many are by the recent raise in polls that Obama has gotten.  Where Romney was up nationally before the hurricane, Obama is now tied with Romney.  I'm not sure how to read this.  Is the public really fickle enough to be influenced by photo ops the President took with Governor Christie?  I'm not sure.  Also, while some swing states will obviously go to Romney, several are still squarely in the undecided category and others are leaning Obama.  As everyone knows by now, Romney has to win more swing states than Obama in order to win.  He is coming from behind when it comes to electoral votes.

America needs to know that the best choice for our future is Romney.  This may seem like a cliche, political statement.  However, this time, it is true.  Obama has so many plans for a second term that he isn't talking about now (and some that he is talking about) that it is scary.  Combine this with the complete inability of the media to hold him accountable for anything (i.e. Benghazi-gate, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, terrible economy, and the list goes on) and we are in real trouble with a second term - worse than the first term.

VOTE ROMNEY.  We only have a few more days to help everyone we know make the right choice.

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