America Chooses A Tragic Course

I know that half the country is ecstatic right now and the other half is heartbroken, but I feel like I have to say (as someone who is heartbroken) that this country has made a tragic choice this evening.  We had the opportunity to elect a fine man, a man who prayed for inspiration before every speech, a man who is dedicated to his family and his faith, a man who had the exact skills that this country needs at this moment in time. We had the chance to elect a statesman, a humble man, a leader.  And we didn't.

This makes me question our future and the wisdom of the American people.

Tomorrow we can talk about our next strategy as a GOP that is once again licking our wounds.  But tonight is a night to mourn the loss of a course that could have brought back hope to the United States, that could have brought back jobs, that could have brought back respect across the world.

For those who voted for Obama, celebrate tonight if you must.  But what you just did is take this country down a road that will be very difficult to turn back from.

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