Conservatives Re-Elected Obama

I am still trying to understand the exit polling which points to the fact the 3 million fewer conservatives voted in this election then in the last one.  With such a long primary season, it is certainly obvious to those who were paying attention that Romney took hit after hit from the "conservative base" (which I would like to dispute since MANY conservative supported Romney as well).  Romney was bruised and battered by the time he was able to start going after Obama.  And, unfortunately, there were Republicans that just couldn't ever get on board.  So, we have evidence now that the GOP electorate was not as enthused as previously thought.  Romney won Independents!  That almost always means that he should have won the whole thing.  However, he never thought that he couldn't count on his own base.  That is tragic. Romney should not have had to spend more time and money winning the GOP.  Conservatives should have come out for him because they should have known that by not voting, they were re-electing Obama.  And so they did.

It really makes me sick to my stomach and I am very disappointed in the American people, but especially in those that above all should have known better, but decided to stay home.

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