How The American People Let Me Down

A few years ago I was dating a man that we'll call Edward. He was a good guy and had a lot of great traits but I knew he wasn't "the one." I knew that at the onset of our relationship but thought it might change. For a while, I forgot about it. I enjoyed being with him, he loved was great. Then through a series of events, our differences crystallized and I knew we were not meant to be. I cried, wore comfy clothes, curled up in my comforter, prayed for understanding, and spent time with family and friends to heal my wounds. I realized through time that I wasn't mourning Edward...I was mourning who I wanted Edward to be. I wanted him to be "the one" but he wasn't.

Since Tuesday, I have been going through another breakup. All the same signs are there - comfy clothes, sadness, chocolate, tears. Lest you think I compare Mitt to Edward, let me state that I unequivocally support Mitt Romney. He was and is the best man for the job and I support his efforts wholeheartedly. Our nation will be worse without his leadership. My breakup is with the American people. The American People (TAP) are good folks but you are not who I thought you were. I thought you cared for freedom, religious liberty, and opportunity. I thought you believed as I do that taxes were a burden and should be born minimally. That opportunity comes with risk and that's part of success. That our governmental leaders should represent the best of America and we should expect nothing less. That we have inalienable rights given to us by God, not the government. I learned Tuesday how far apart we are.

Just with Edward, the signs were there, I just ignored them. When "The Life of Julia" came out and showed a woman go through her life completely reliant on the government and without the benefit of family and marriage, I was outraged. Why is this administration promoting reliance on the government? Where is her family? Where is her husband? As a woman, I was offended. As an American, outraged. As a taxpayer, I was completely taken back.

When it became clear in the presidential debate that Obama was dishonest in his discussion of Benghazi and there appeared to be a cover up and worse, possible incompetence that led to the death of American lives, I was appalled.  I thought you were with me. I thought TAP saw what I saw - a president that lied and was still lying to us.

When an Obama ad came out that likened voting for him as losing one's virginity, I was angry. How dare the president take something so sacred and private and make it a punchline! And why is promiscuity being promoted?? I was outraged on so many levels. I know not as many of you were with me then but I thought TAP would still at least find it offensive.

And then election night came. TAP passed up a man of impeccable grace and integrity. Someone whose skill set perfectly fits our needs as a country and believes in American Exceptionalism. Someone who knows what that means. Instead, TAP chose a man who apologized to the world for TAP's actions, enslaved TAP in more debt than ever before in history, broke promises to TAP (like "reaching across the aisle"...what a joke!), and blamed others for his ineptness and inexperience. Worse, TAP chose someone who lied to, didn't protect, and treated TAP with disrespect. And yes, TAP, by staying home on election day or voting for a fringe candidate, you voted for this man. I thought you were something I guess you aren't, TAP, and so I mourn who I thought you were.

Where TAP and Edward are different, however, is that TAP, you didn't use to be this way. Remember years ago when you supported the right to life, the sanctity of marriage, and freedom? Remember those good times when 49 states went to Reagan. It wasn't because he could give a good speech (which he could) but that he stood for something we all believed in. Remember how strongly you believed that your rights came from God, not government? TAP, I am praying that you remember.

Edward and I parted ways and it was the best decision. TAP - you and I are stuck together. We are made from the same cloth. I am sorry if I let you down in some way. Maybe the message wasn't clear enough or we let our disagreements get the best of us. I don't know the reason why we have this split, but we do. I am going to take a few weeks and mourn the loss of what I thought we were. But once I have watched enough romantic movies, read enough books wrapped in my comforter, and eaten the last of my breakup chocolate, I will come back and for the next 4 years do everything I can to work out our differences. My hope is that in 4 more years, we can come together and remember our values: self-reliance, freedom, love of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I pray, TAP, that between now and then, the consequences of the choice you made won't be irreparable.

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