How Does The Republican Party Move Forward?

This is a very difficult time for a lot of people.  Romney is a good man and was a wonderful candidate.  For him not to win is a tragedy for our nation.  The fact that Obama ran such a small campaign with so many controversies and so much name-calling and that he could win re-election tells me that this country was destined to vote for Obama all along, no matter what.  Maybe it is because Obama is black (which I believe is a primary reason for his first and second election.  Nobody this incompetent could hold the presidency unless there was some other reason bringing people to the polls).  Maybe it is because Latinos bought into his bribe on immigration.  Maybe it is because women bought into his bribe on contraception.  

Either way, we lost.  It is a hard loss.  My heart goes out to Romney and his family.  They fought hard and deserved to win if there was any justice in the world.  If Americans were able to see who he is with clarity, he would have won.  But, the media never let that happen and never questioned Obama’s lies about Romney.  Republicans, I guess, just need to stop expecting the media to be fair.  It simply will never happen.

My heart breaks for this nation.  We chose a weaker path.  Our economy makes us weaker, our foreign policy makes us weaker, our faith in government makes us weaker.  And, we are choosing this through our democratic process.

I hate to discuss strategy so soon since we in a period of mourning, but very soon it will be time to decide how to move forward as a Party.  This will be important since we need to go big or we will lose.  We must go big. So, here are some thoughts as we move forward:

1)  Republicans need to get better at messaging.  Obama got away with lie after lie throughout the election campaign.  Democrats keep calling the GOP the party of ‘no.’ However, they never acknowledge the many budgets passed by the House that could have avoided the coming fiscal cliff.  We are not the party of ‘no,’ we are the party of ideas, and Democrats are the ones that refuse to compromise.  We have to find a way to get this across better.

2) Republicans need to find a way to appeal to minorities.  This can’t just happen during an election year, but must occur now, long before the next election. I don't know if this means it is time to come up with immigration reform (though Bush tried to do that and it didn't help).  I'm not sure how to do this, but it is clear that given the changing demographics, minorities need to see that the GOP has more to offer.

3) The House GOP needs to hold steady.  We are VERY lucky to still have a GOP House.  And, at this point, we have nothing to lose.  We already lost the election.  So, we need to stand strong and stop as much of the Obama agenda as possible.

4) We need to go to church and encourage our friends and neighbors to go to church. The fact is that churches help individuals learn about traditional marriage, self-sufficiency, respect for life and so-on.  Churches can have an influence that no other unit aside from family can.

5) We need to support other private organizations, like non-profits that support pro-life or small government or family issues.  The organizations create research, hire lawyers, organize citizens, and facilitate many other activities that further our causes.

6) We need to get a stronger voice in the media.  Thank goodness for new media, thank goodness for Fox News.  But, we have to do more.  There are Americans who didn't hear anything positive about Romney in this campaign. We have to broaden our influence and teach people about basic conservative principles.  This is a center-right nation, but it is hard for people to identify with a movement they don’t hear anything about.  I know this is harder said than done given that the media is Liberal.  However, there has to be a way to use media better.

7)  We have to explain the merits of small government better.  Saying that you support small government doesn't translate to people that don't understand its merit.  We have to find a way to explain to people what this is and why it is important.

8)  We should NOT compromise our values.  I know a lot of moderates will say we didn't pivot to the center enough.  But, we have to stand by our values and help people understand the merits of these values.  Walking away from them would be the death of our party and the death of this country.  Messaging is important.  Reaching out is important.  But, abandoning who we are cannot be an option.

Here’s the bottom line, this country has lived through socialist-leaning presidents before.  Remember Carter?  Remember FDR?  We are certainly weaker and we will be even weaker over the next four years.  But this is not just a series of battles, this is a war.  This is the history of our nation that future generations will look back at and either know that we pivoted significantly to the Left or that we blunted the Democrat insurgency and took our country back.  It may take a little longer than we wanted to get control again, but the fight is worth it.

So, right now we will eat our Ben and Jerry’s, lick our wounds, get a few extra hours of sleep, and then get up and fight.  We have to.

One more note:
We need to get everything out of the Supreme Court that we can now.  Let’s face it, we have two GOP-leaning justices who are ageing and may not be able to remain on the Court throughout an entire Obama presidency.  Allowing Obama to replace either of them would be a disaster.  We need to start praying for their health and getting as many cases to the Court now as possible.  Obamacare was found constitutional, but there are many parts of this mammoth law that would win in a battle. This could be in the end the most tragic consequence of electing Obama to a second term.

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