Only 2 More Days!

I'm watching the speech that Romney is giving in Pennsylvania and am struck again at the quality of Romney as a candidate and as a person.  He is upbeat, he is honest, he is sincere.  His observations about the President are not attacks, they are true concerns about the direction that Obama has taken the country.  Obama in his speeches attacks and ridicules and downright lies about Obama.  Romney speaks truthfully and with passion.

It is definitely frustrating the see polls so close.  The fact is that the choice is not even.  It is lopsided.  Obama is clearly a poor choice, a small man, a manipulative politician, and the worst person Americans could vote for.  Obama is bad for women, bad for minorities, bad for young college graduates, bad for the middle class, bad for every American.

Romney is a builder, a re-builder, a fixer.  He has been building his whole adult life.  The words that come out of his mouth come from his heart.

America has a critical choice in a couple of days - the most important choice we've ever had.  We MUST elect Romney.

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