Romney Site Shows He Would Have Repealed Obamacare

Romney said time and time again throughout the election that he was serious about repealing Obamacare.  His primary challengers said they never fully believed that he would.  For some reason they chose to paint him as a man who is not of his word.

Romney's already-designed transition website was live for a few hours after election day and shows clearly the type of President he would have been.  And, just to make clear for all of those who doubted, the site made it clear that he was going to get Obamacare repealed  first by offering an exemption to all states starting day 1 of his presidency, and then by working with Congress to repeal it completely.

You can also see from his site that he was going to focus on reducing the size of government.

It pains me that so many conservatives doubted and so many Americans couldn't see through the "free stuff" they want from government to vote for the clearly better candidate.  This man was the right man for us here and now, and this country rejected him.

  Mitt Romney website in the event that he won. 

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