The Fall of Consequence and the Anarchist Summit

The Fall of Consequence
Our top story is the fall of Consequence, capital of Hellifyno, to the combined forces of the Summer and Winter Fae. Tonight the Government of the planet is in exile, her citizens are terrified, and the road ahead looks grim.

The battle began at twilight, during a political summit arranged by the Government of Hellifyno at the behest of the political agitators known as the Anarchists. As the Lady Echo made an eloquent speech calling on all parties to find peace and compromise, the air was shattered with the sound of violent explosions, mixed with an eerie sing song carnival music that seemed to come from every direction.
Minutes later a horde of pale faced clown soldiers appeared marching on the horizon. Beside them arose a mixed multitude of Fae Warriors including giant Gummi Bears, pink fluffy acid spewing elephants, red and white striped bullet proof giraffes, glass monstrosities, cotton candy creatures, and contortionists shooting razor sharp shards of popcorn. The force quickly surrounded the city and began pressing an attack against it from all sides.

Within the Summit, panic arose as members of the Anarchist organization fanned out into the crowd with military precision and began murdering citizens with concealed weapons. Guards and soldiers attending as security officers put up a valiant effort trying to defend people against these attacks; however, the suicide tactics of the Anarchists proved overwhelming.
Lord Executive Havoc and Proconsul Tye Sampson were seen disappearing from the Summit at the time of the attack. It was later revealed that they had suspected treachery, and had attended the conference via holographic imaging in order to allow them to quickly make their way to the army in case of trouble. This allowed them to immediately take command of the forces of Hellifyno and mount a defense. Unfortunately, their suspicion had been of treachery from within, by the Anarchists, which left the city vulnerable to attack from outside by the Fae contingents.

The nature of this battle was different then in previous attacks, as the forces of Summer and Winter Fae seemed to be able to focus on confronting the Hellifyno soldiers, rather than attacking one another. Many experts agree that the previous successes of the planet's armies against Fae forces that vastly outnumbered them could be attributed to the foe lacking focus, seemingly more intent on killing one another than on wiping out the Hellifyno forces. This possible new found cooperation could be a grim turn in the course of this war.
During the battle every effort was made by HERD workers and members of the Civil Defense Department to evacuate citizens from the city, yet the speed and tenacity with which the Fae attacked left little time for emergency procedures. While many people were able to escape via portals, it is feared that there are still thousands of citizens trapped inside of the vicinity of Fae occupied Consequence.

Refugees, including many members of the government, relocated to emergency facilities which had been set up in the rebuilt caverns beneath Retribution Rock. This is where members of the vaunted "Magical Resistance" fled after the initial invasion by the Slayers almost a year ago. Destroyed during the war, the caverns had been rebuilt by Lord Executive Havoc upon reclaiming the planet, and now constitute an elaborate and heavily defended fortress of stone, steel, and supernatural wards.
While the capital has fallen, the government is assuring the populace that it is still in control, and that they are continuing to oppose the Fae in every way possible. Since the battle there have already been several major skirmishes between Fae hordes and Hellifyno soldiers, and there is an almost constant air of conflict and battle raging across the planet.

The Summit of Anarchists
Before the attack by the Fae, a political summit had been underway to discuss the nature of the planet's political organization, and to give people a chance to air grievances they might have had about the actions of the ruling parties. This summit was called for by a group commonly referred to as the "Anarchists" and had been arranged by planetary Proconsul Tye Sampson.
The event was held in the amphitheatre of Consequence, a giant bowl shaped crater left by an ancient meteor, and carved out to have seating and accommodations for thousands of spectators. There was a heavy contingent of Hellifyno soldiers on hand in case of trouble, as well as a crack team of security officers headed by Grand Marshall Demaar Nobu.

The Summit began with an opening address by Proconsul Sampson, followed by a short speech by the leader of the Anarchists, a gentleman known only as "The Nameless One". During the proceedings, tempers flared as members of the audience openly expressed hatred and disdain, both for the Anarchists, and occasionally for members of the Government. As the Nameless One spoke, several minor brawls broke out in the stands, forcing Marshall Nobu's security officers to intervene in order to keep the peace.
The most surprising turn of events was the Nameless One openly offering to turn himself and all of his supporters over to the government, in exchange for aid and support being offered to members of the Hellifyno military, past and present. This was met with optimistic skepticism by the Lord Executive.

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