The Great Plan of Insurrection

When you look at today's society, you will see one grave statistic. And that is the statistic of the amount of people in poverty compared to the amount of people in luxury. We see people working eight to twelve hours a day, getting paid very poorly, given a very small allowance of what society produces, and then on the other side, we see men and women buying expensive drinks, clothes, houses, and cars. They are wealthy capitalists, or they are corporate executives, or they are politicians. Their income allows them to practice excess and have little time laboring. Whatever labor they do, it is to aid companies and businesses in increasing the price of food, increasing the price of housing, increasing the price of goods, necessities, commodities, clothing, and services. It also aids these businesses in paying their workers less, in laying off the least productive workers, in making the work day of the average laborer more productive, but also more stressful, more disappointing, and more overwhelming. In one word or two, we can describe the activities of the wealthy class as exploitive; they all seek, in one way or another, to make men labor and create vast quantities of wealth for their economic masters. This is the status of things, which every man of intellect will accept, which every working person will sadlly confess to, as every person concerned in the processes of government, no matter what their class, will agree upon. These are the way things are. It's extremely oppressive and without any sense of natural justice. The way things are has become the enemy of the working man, and we work everyday so that we can overthrow these oppressive, exploitive relationships in society.

There is no doubt that the economy operates on this principle of exploitation. Who will deny that there is a small sect of wealthy people who have massive control over all of the produced wealth? Who will deny that most working class individuals are poor, without means to make themselves wealthy, without any direction in the economy except as a wage laborer? Who will deny that the wealthy use their influence to bribe political leaders, or use their wealth to support the campaign of a political leader who will support their interests? Who will deny that the poverty of the working man drives him to crimine, to preying on his fellow man to ease his pains that were caused by this system; that is to say, long work hours, low pay, and the misery of cruel labor? These are arguments that no serious person will ever doubt. These are not exaggerated statements. This is the situation of America it exists now and as it will continue to exist until we do something to change it. We, as Socialists, Communists, and Leftists, all seek to eliminate the Capitalist system.
The average person who looks at this, and agrees with these words, one of the members of the common working class who identifies himself as a Socialist and a Communist, when reading all of these arguments, he is content with the ideas, supportive of the measures, and a proponent of our initiatives. "The means of production must become the collective property of the public; there shall be no masters and no slaves in our society!" But, he errs; he becomes a Marxist. His solution to the problem has been to have a revolution of the voting poll; a swing shift of voters attempting to elect Socialist party candidates. "All we have to do is make tyranny illegal," the nominated Socialist declares to a toast at his party headquarters. The working class soldiers rally to the call, but they soon become unimpressed and lose faith in the process of elections and campaigning. So long as a state exists, there will be great compromises between the working class desires and the interests of megacorporations and their billions of dollars of influence. So long as there is a state, there will always be a hierarchy, there will always be the dominating figure of authority threatening liberty, there will be unfair class divisions of the ruling over the ruled. In this regard, the government becomes our greatest enemy. And by government, Anarchists mean all organizations that are based on authority and oppression, on control and obedience. For all of these reasons, we have the understanding that Democratic control of the law is the only just means of social organization. It is the only method where the liberty of the average citizen is guaranteed in a society based on equity and tolerance, the precursors to a true freedom without leaders.

What then, I am asked, is the way in which we go about securing this better future for ourselves? Every other reform movement or social issue group in the past has worked towards legislation, lobbying, letter-writing. The Prohibitionists worked on getting anti-liquor candidates in to office. Many of the Civil Rights advocates lobbied to get anti-discrimination laws passed. And, again, the Feminist movement has to thank the vocal women who demanded the media not to glorify large-breasts or perfect body images. All of these movements in the past have effectively changed the status quo of society from their voting. It was the legislative process of the system that allowed for their minority opinions to become democratically important. I do not doubt the ability of the system to make some small changes, as insignificant bartering techniques with the working class, but the government never made any changes until they had been created by the people. There was no serious discussion about passing a Civil Rights bill in either the congress or the senate, until news studios started to carry stories about police dogs ripping apart African American protestors who are demanding their liberty.

The government itself has never taken on any of these great public works projects; it has never worked to improve the personality of mankind or enhance the liberty of artists, poets, and inventors. The government is, and always has been, the vanguard soldier of the past, ancient traditions of our forefathers. It has always been the enemy of whatever progressive policy brings to the table. Whether it's the case for Civil Rights, the right for women to vote, the right of Homosexuals to be free of job discrimination, or the right of the working man to receive a minimum wage, it has always been opposed to by the government. The standing order of old power and wealthy rulers have always been the bitter and antagonistic enemies of these new changes. These changes always have to be yanked out of the hands of the establishment, they must be demanded with the powerful screams of a unified population;

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