Tomorrow, We Must Take Our Country Back!

Here we are.  One day before the big day.

Four years ago, after a shellacking, we Republicans started to lick our wounds.  We knew we had been beaten, but we had no idea what that really meant.  We knew that Bush was a good man who had faced one of the toughest foreign policy scenarios any President had faced in decades, but we didn't know how much the hatred that had built up against him would impact the election.  We also didn't know how many people would look at candidate Obama and vote for him based on the color of his skin and the promise of hope and change.  Looking at the choices the Democrats faced at the time, it is hard to believe that someone as tenured as Hillary Clinton did not win the primary.  But, looking back, she never really had a chance.  More people in this country were interested in seeing a black man become president then seeing a woman.  Combine that with the charisma of Obama and his nomination was secured.

Looking at the GOP side, McCain was nominated by default.  Everyone knew him to be too moderate for most in the GOP.  As for the general election, Obama was building momentum with his smooth-talking speeches and his impressive ground game.  He built a bottom-up campaign based on ideals and no specifics, well-spoken platitudes delivered by someone who is very talented at reading a teleprompter, indeed.  Obama was the man of the moment.  It didn't seem to matter who he actually was, what he actually believed.  The media was so caught-up in the "historical" campaign that they failed to do their basic duty - investigate.  And Americans, along for the ride, voted a virtually unknown individual into the White House.

It didn't take long for the error of that decision to manifest himself.  Newly-minted President Obama traveled around the world telling other countries that America had grown haughty.  Even though he walked into office right at the moment of an economic meltdown, he chose not to focus on job creation.  Within a few months of being in office, he was pushing the job-killing "Cap and Trade" legislation (which, thank goodness, did not pass) and a government take-over of healthcare (which, to our detriment as a nation, did pass).  He started hiring czars to run every aspect of the economy, showing his true belief in top-down decision-making.

And he spent, and he spent, and he spent.  Obama gave multiple State of the Union addresses re-hashing his plans to increase government spending as though that is the only solution to our nation's problems.  In two years when his party held the majority of both the House and Senate, Obama did not once reach out to Republican leadership.  In fact, when the GOP took over the House, Obama didn't even know how to get a hold of Speaker Boehner. 

Obama has had a disaster presidency.

And now, here we are four years later, and along comes Mitt Romney again.  After a brutal primary season, Romney has emerged a very strong candidate.  And, the country has gotten to know him as being a very good man.  Obama has run a small campaign.  He hasn't talked about anything new, any plans to heal our nation.  He has a terrible record (and he knows it) and so he attacks Romney.  He claims Romney is a flip-flopper, though we have ample evidence of Obama changing his views on a number of issues including gay marriage, Guantanamo, Constitutional authority granted to the President (he actually said before the last election that the president cannot do whatever he wants, but then has overstepped his authority while in office) and the list goes on.  Obama has said that Mitt is a liar, misrepresenting Obama's record.  However, time and time again Romney's statements have been supported by fact-checkers while Obama's have not.

Obama has also systematically opposed values that Americans care about.  Even putting aside the big-government solutions he offers, look at his record on social issues.  He has endorsed same-sex marriage and refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, a law that enjoyed the support of both major parties and a Democratic president.  Obama has ruled that religious organizations must manage their businesses in conflict with their own beliefs by mandating the coverage of contraceptives.  Obama's campaign runs an ad saying, "Vote like your lady parts depend on it, because the kind of do" and another ad where a young girl compares losing her virginity to vote for Obama.  Obama's moral-less leadership demeans his office.  

So here with such a stark contrast it is stunning how many people still support Obama.  I haven't even talked about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and other whoppers that have been mostly ignored by the media but that should have removed Obama from contention for a second term. The bottom line: Obama has taken this country down a road, the end of which we don't want to arrive at.

So, let's talk about tomorrow.  Very obviously, the best choice this country can make is to elect Mitt Romney.  We have made the case for Romney time and time again on this blog.  He is the man of the moment.  Think for a minute about the problems that this country faces.  Are we really in crisis due to lack of contraceptive coverage?  Not even close.  We are in crisis because our government has no limit on how much it spends, our morals are more and more compromised, families are not respected as the central unit of society, people are in need of jobs, and we have two major political parties that won't talk to each other because (despite what the media might have told you) Democrats have taken to an extreme agenda that never included actually fixing our country's true problems in the first place.  (I applaud the GOP for the stand-still, by the way.  No movement is better than movement off of a cliff).

Romney has the experience as an executive to go after our financial problems. He has the values as a life-long Christian (that's right, folks, Mormons believe in Christ) and a strong advocate for family values (being pro-life and pro-traditional marriage) to help get the national tone back on track for these important issues.  He understands the limits of the office of the President and the powers allocated to the states.  He will not overstep his office.  He is humble, he is hard-working (you will not see him spending day after day on the golf course), he is prayerful (you may not believe in God, but don't you want a President who knows that he is not the king of the universe?), and he loves this country and understands the uniqueness of it.  That alone makes him more qualified than Obama who thinks that we are essentially just like every country out there (Obama needs to go back to school and study history.  America is unique compared to any nation in the history of the world.  The entire world is safer when America leads.  This is not boastfulness, this is a commitment to our values.)

Tomorrow, we have the chance to right the wrongs of the past four years.  We have the chance to show Obama and all of his liberal MSNBC and Hollywood friends who think they know more about what is best for America then Americans do that we have been paying attention and we will not allow our nation to go down without a fight.  We will vote with the conviction that has been building up inside of us for four years as we watched and were embarrassed by the actions of our president.   We are proud of our nation, but not of our president.  Tomorrow, we can vote someone into office whom we can be proud of, and who is indisputably proud of our nation, too.

Tomorrow, Americans have the choice of our lifetimes.  We MUST vote for Mitt Romney.  We MUST take our country back. 

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